Every paint project requires labor, and materials, unique to that specific job.  The cost of a job can vary widely depending on the preparation, materials cost, design, types of effects, complexity, what is found under the old paint ect. 

We bill fairly and honestly and still try to make a buck. We do our best to be affordable to most people and still work within our quality standards.  We think you will find that we reasonable, when compared to other professional painters.  Below is a range of typical costs for complete repaints.  Let us know what you have in mind for a design, paint color, and budget, and we will try our best to find a way to do the job for you.

As you know 80% of the way that any paint job looks is based on "what's beneath the service"  of the paint.  Paint is very very thin.  ANYTHING under the service of the paint with show.

We have three basic levels of complete paint jobs.

If you want to get you car ready to paint yourself you must prepare the car "our way" with recommended materials.  We will advise and help you in anyway we can.  The cost to do this and it will include three coats of high build primer that will be "guide coated" and sanded and any masking needed is $1500/$2000 plus the materials.  You would also have to chose a paint type or color from our in house sheets.

Platinum - Show car paint

  Its all about what we have to do to get the car to look the way we need it to look to put this job on it.  It is a wide range but you can take it to the bank that it will be between $15,000 and $30,000. Each Job is "placked" and numbered and hand signed by Tom and Matt.

Gold - Very very nice

 This is the paint job that most people want, can afford and are happy with.  You will be very proud of your car with this paint on it.   Each Job is "placked" and numbered and hand signed by Tom and Matt.  $5000 to $15,000 "depending on what you got to start with" 

Silver:  This would be the paint that a high end production car would have on it from the factory. If we have to do very little body work and then  just have to put the last coats of servise on it, guide coat it and prime and seal it then the cost would be $4,000 to $12,000. 

All prices include color sanding and buffing and waxing your car and include a full detail of the car.

A word about "time".  We work on every car every day.  We don't let cars sit around our lot for weeks and weeks without working on them BUT the weather and the paint dictatke how fast we move as much as if we want to or not.  Please set aside the time for us to do it right.  Like your dad use to say. "Son, why is there allways time to do it over and never enought time to do it right."


HELMETS:  $400-850
BIKES:  $1500-6000. (Frame: $500 & up)

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